What is the best way to hire top candidates for a startup?

Posted by | June 28, 2017 | Recruiting

Dimi has a pretty great answer, but I think that we can go deeper to help you hire top candidates for your startup … faster, easier, and better.

Let’s enhance some of his tactics with modern recruiting software built for teams that would appreciate things like a free tier and a free trial … soooooo, startups :).

I’ve got a few more tips of my own that I outlined in this post:

What are some really smart recruitment methods?

But no need to go searching around, I don’t mind re-typing 😉

And don’t forget about your future here … hiring is never really a one-and-done situation, so make sure you’re tracking where your best candidates are coming from – that’s where Breezy’s built-in recruiting analytics come in.

We’ll let you know exactly which sources (paid, unpaid, social, referrals, whatever) are giving you your most successful candidates, so when it comes time to hire again, you don’t need to test out new places to find great people .. you’ll already know where to, uh, startup 🙂


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