What’s the difference between a head of HR and head of Talent Acquisition?

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Established, bigger companies seem to employ a head of HR who in turn may hire internal recruiters, but leaner, VC backed, fast growing companies seem to go for a VP Talent Acquisition …. what’s the difference in roles?

Workable answers this, and a few other related questions in our recent FAQ: Talent Acquisition vs. Talent Management vs. HR: an FAQ guide

What is the difference between Talent Management and Human Resource Management?

Talent Management is a distinct function of Human Resource Management. HRM’s objective is to hire the right people and manage them effectively through thoughtful policies and procedures. Talent Management focuses on ways to develop employees by mapping out career paths and training programs.

Are HR and Talent Management two independent operations?

Talent Management is a function within HR, and HR attracts, selects, onboards, trains and evaluates employees. Talent Management comes into play as teams grow, when it becomes crucial to decrease turnover rates, retain employees and engage them to achieve bigger goals.

Effective Talent Management begins with a strong HR department. Likewise, a carefully planned Talent Management strategy can help you develop talent pipelines to facilitate HR department operations.

Who is in charge of Talent Management at a company?

Everyone is. While HR roles are responsible for designing career paths and organizing training programs, a Talent Management strategy requires company-wide participation. Team leaders should identify high-potential employees and address their training needs. Also, upper management should promote a learning culture throughout the company. Then, it’s the Talent Management team’s job (consisting of HR Generalists and Training Coordinators) to develop employees.

The Head of HR is entrusted with several pieces of Human Resources; Benefits, Compensation, Policies and Procedures, Payroll, 401k, Training and Development, Culture, “Talent Acquisition” & overall HR Budget.  Talent Actuisition reports to the head of HR and is responsible for the Talent selection process; recruitment budget & strategy, Orientation and Onboarding of Talent.  Both roles are critical to the Human Capital Management strategy of any organization.  The Head of HR can also be the Head of Talent Acquisition.

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